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What Is NTU Psychotherapy?

NTU (pronounced “in-to”), an Africentric framework, was developed by Dr. Frederick Phillips from the Bantu (central African) concept which is a unifying force that touches upon all existence and is considered the essence of life. NTU psychotherapy is based on the core principles of ancient African and Afrocentric world view, nurtured through African-American culture, and augmented by concepts and techniques of Western psychology.

The five phases of NTU psychotherapy are: Harmony, Awareness, Alignment, Actualize, and Synthesis.

NTU psychotherapy is spiritually based and aims to assist people and systems to become authentic and balanced within a shared energy and essence that is in alignment with natural order. The role of the NTU therapist is based on a spiritual relationship with the client system since NTU therapy recognizes that the healing process is a natural process in which the therapist assists the client system to rediscover natural alignment. Furthermore, NTU therapy utilizes the principles of Nguzo Saba as guidelines for harmonious living.

Basic principles of NTU therapy include: Harmony; Balance; Interconnectedness; Cultural Awareness; and Authenticity.

This therapeutic approach is used in working with children, youth and families, education programs, and substance abuse treatment programs that allows them to recognize and tap into their inner strength for healing and oneness, understanding that healing is a natural process. NTU highlights the interrelatedness between intrinsic and extrinsic factors involved in one’s ability to respond to the problems of daily living. NTU interventionists use spirituality-focused, culturally responsive interventions to facilitate the healing process.

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