EFT Supervision

Are you wanting to become a Certified EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) Therapist?

I am an ICEEFT Certified EFT Supervisor; providing EFT supervision and consultation for therapists and supervisors-in-training at all levels of learning the EFT model. Supervision is offered in-person and online and is culturally responsive.

My style is collaborative and highly experiential where you can feel safe with a working alliance to enhance learning and address your goals. This includes empathic exploration with a dual focus that is maintained on you as the therapist and your client. Often review of recorded sessions and role-plays are integral in your learning edge. I am genuinely interested in addressing your needs from supervision while providing supportive feedback to help you grow and develop in your work that is specific to your needs.

The Key Principles of EFT Clinical Supervision are:

  • A positive working alliance between the supervisor and supervisee is fostered because safety enhances learning.
  • Modeling is available: the supervisor actively demonstrates EFT interventions (e.g., demonstrates attachment language and non-verbal behaviors of EFT).
  • Observation of therapy sessions occurs, or transcripts are examined. Role plays with feedback give opportunity for rehearsal.
  • Feedback to supervisee is clear, focused, supportive, and congruent with supervisee’s stage of learning.
  • Specific elements are pointed out for the supervisee to improve or work on.
  • Written theory and techniques of the EFT model are referred to and taught in relation to practice (e.g., steps, stages, tango, interventions, experiential and non-pathologizing approach).

We can collaborate whether your goal is to become an EFT Therapist or Supervisor or simply to grow your skills.

What Others Say About Dr. Cooper’s Supervision

“Yamonte has a firm grasp of the EFT model of therapy. He is very gifted in the way he attunes to his supervisees. He gently explores self of therapist issues and sees himself as a collaborator and facilitator but can also provide a structured framework for supervision if needed. Yamonte also teaches the step and stages through conversation, demonstration and choosing just the right moments to use experiential methods. He demonstrates an ability to use RISSSC, A.R.E. along with the tango.”

Jean Shirkhoff, Certified EFT Supervisor

“Yamonte has a natural warmth and engaging style with his supervisees. He has a wonderful way of facilitating a sense of safety by validating and validating some more their efforts toward EFT interventions. He naturally engages with and is responsive to questions. He worked with a variety of supervisees; one fresh out of core skills, and two more experience therapists. In each case he adjusted his supervision to focus on addressing their individual needs. His mastery of EFT concepts is apparent in the supervision tapes I have reviewed, and in our discussions of his work.”

Dr. Paul Guillory, Certified EFT Supervisor & Trainer

“You are SO attuned and validating! I liked how you intervened when the therapist stepped out of the Tango and loved how you ‘felt in’ to her client’s experience using attachment and what you knew of the couple cycle etc. and – to use your own words ‘went out on a limb’ with him. I find this a very helpful way of helping the therapist to ‘see’ her clients through the attachment lens.

Great role plays in both videos – I like how you processed them and also the learning moments that came from them. Your relationship with both therapists was delightful – collaborative – fun – gentle – respectful – skilled – are the words that came to my mind. And your own ability as an EFT therapist is very apparent as you work.”

Alison Lee, ICEEFT Certification Chair

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